AISI 1018

This grade is produced in an electric arc or basic oxygen furnace and contains the greatest ductility of all carbon steel grades stocked in service centres. Stocked in a variety of shapes and sizes, its relatively low carbon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur content make it a natural choice for the production of parts that must be welded or subjected to severe cold forming such as crimping, thread rolling, flaring, etc.

This grade is not considered free machining since it contains none of the free cutting additives (sulfur, lead, etc) this absence of free machining additives however, permits 1018 to be the soundest of the low carbon steels. It is thus chosen where relative freedom from chemical segregation and non-metallic inclusions are of greater importance than machinability.

Carbon (C) .15-.20
Manganese (Mn) .60-.90
Sulphur (S) .05 max
Phosphorus (P) .04 max.
Machinability: 78%

Process Shape Size
Cold Drawn Square 

10 mm – 60 mm